Hot Shots keeps our fields up to date with the newest professional layouts for you to practice and play on. Teams should call the field house for reservations.

Field Paint Only

XBall is the type of game that you see on TV and is played by college and professional teams around the country. XBall is played in a stadium style setting with inflatable bunkers. The XBall field at Hot Shots is under the lights at night and allows for a safe viewing
This field is laid out with two forts on either side of the field, scattered bunkers along either side of the field, and an old bus in the middle of the field. The layout is perfect for games like capture the flag, elimination, protect the president or anything else you can think of.
Plywood City
Plywood City is an urban style field with a maze of plywood walls. The maze is surrounded by bunkers and with all types of shooting angles. This field also has some cars, trucks and small forts to take cover in. This is a great field for playing paintball or airsoft!
The RecBall fields are a great place for beginners to learn the sport of paintball and for players to get comfortable with the markers. The short fields with scattered bunkers are perfect for smaller games. Advanced players use these fields to practice and test their equipment.
Come down and play airsoft with us! Explore all of our fields! There are always new airsoft games starting, so come down and join the fun!